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Kansas Booth at Buffalo


Those of you who have not been following the coverage of the 2014 WT might find this information in the Daily Shoe interesting. Be sure and look at the scoresheet shown in day five from the Junior preliminaries . There is also an article in Day six about the Kansas booth.


  • Edgerton will be hosting the World Tournament Alternative sanctioned event  Saturday July 26 at 9:AM which will be the last chance to qualify for the 2014 State tournament. This event will also count as a qualifying event for the 2015 WT. Pre-register for this event by calling Ed Shanley at 913-893-6024.
  • TOPEKA will be hosting a non-sanctioned juniors tournament on Sunday July 27. Click this link for all the details, you can even help promote junior horseshoe pitching by posting some of the posters in your neighborhoods. It is free just bring some junior pitchers out to enjoy the afternoon. Who knows you might be promoting a future World Champion!! You can pre-register and get more info by contacting Earl Romine at 785-256-6123.
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Click this link to get the easy to follow pitching schedule for the Kansas pitchers in the 2014 World HorseshoeTournament. This schedule will give you a good idea when to start looking for results on the tournament coverage. By clicking on this link at the time your Kansas friends are pitching you might even get a glimpse of them in action on the courts.


Susan reports 48 entry forms have been received with 18 days remaining until deadline on  Aug 1.



LAWRENCE tournament results for 7-6-2014 are now posted. This event had 12 entries.


OTTAWA tournament results for the Barney Bell Open on 7-4-2014 are now posted. This event had 39 entries–three pitchers over a full house for a single session event. Exactly 1/3 of those 39 entries pitched over their entry average. The high over average nod in this event goes to Jason Talley who had a great tournament, pitching 14.67 percentage points over his entry average on his way to his first place finish in class D with a 31.25% ringer average for the tournament.


Other over average pitchers included Gale Norris, Terry Talley, John Reynolds, Lyle Turner, Bernie VanLerberg, Aaron Bollinger, Keo Keopine, Ricky Talley, Charlie Bollinger, Joseph Cisneros, Darrel Rilinger and Keith Peine


Click this link to view the article that was printed in the Ottawa Herald on  July 12 about the  July 4 tournament there in Ottawa.


TOPEKA results for the Sunflower Game Sanction singles tournament on 7-13-2014 are now posted.  This event was a packed house with 45 entries for a single session event where 35.5% of the entries pitched over their entry average. Frank Powers from Gove Ks. was the highest over average pitcher for this tournament. He pitched 7.89 percentage points over his average on his way to a first place finish in Class E.


Other over average pitchers from highest to lowest included Don Walrod, Tom Benortham,Tom Heikes, Steve Thompson, Henry Adame, John Reynolds, Joe Newman, Harlan May, Kent Schaben, Jim Borders, Pat Kuney, Russell Thompson, Gary Fulton, Sam Bahret, Dale Clemmer.


  • WICHITA  The Firecracker Open was re-scheduled for Saturday, July 19 In Linwood Park, Wichita Ks at 9:AM. The tournament director for that event has also changed. Please pre-register for with Adam Peterson at 620-860-4142.
  • BONNER SPRINGS will be hosting the Summer Open on Saturday, July 19 with ringer averages up to about 30% pitching at 9:00AM and ringer averages over 30% will pitch at 1:PM. Pre-register for this event with Gary Parker 816-289-7990.


You can click this link hand see some of the action on the courts at the World Tournament In Buffalo which just kicked off this morning.


These four camera’s are something new at this years tournament and I assume will be something that they will be continuing to do at future tournaments.


As you look at this court layout in Buffalo it is a little different than most WT’s that I have attended in the past. The most common court lay out is 8 courts across which is what we will have in Topeka next year.


Be sure and click the full screen icon in The lower right hand corner of each camera view to get the best view of each of the four camera’s. Also take note of the electronic score keeping. Each scorekeeper keeps two courts, Each monitor has stats for two courts on it, the screen is split with one court on the right or left half.
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KHPA Charter Communication — July 7, 2014

July 6, 2014

NOTICE TO ALL As reported last week the Firecracker Open scheduled for July 12 in Wichita was rescheduled for Saturday, July 19 In Linwood Park, Wichita Ks. The tournament director for that event has also changed. Adam Peterson will be filling in for Steve DeTommaso who is vacationing. Please pre-register for this event with Adam […]

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KHPA Charter Communicat​ion — June 30, 2014

June 30, 2014

Note Firecracker Open Rescheduled. The Firecracker Open Tournament originally scheduled for +July 12 at Linwood Park in Wichita has been changed to +July 19. Please make a note of the change on your KHPA tournament schedules. Help The Tournament Directors!!!! The KHPA welcomes the flood of new membership in 2014 mostly due to news of […]

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KHPA Charter Communication — June 23, 2014

June 23, 2014

MEMBERSHIP NUMBERS Susan Fulton reported that we hit the combined adult and jr membership number of 200 as of Friday, June 20. This will be the first year since 2011 when the total membership was 203 at the end of the fiscal year on +Oct 1, 2011, that we have seen the total 200 membership […]

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KHPA Charter Communication — June 16, 2014

June 16, 2014

2014 KANSAS DELEGATES The Kansas delegates representing you at the 2014 NHPA convention will be Terry Cuthbertson  and Roger Vogel. Thanks to both for stepping up and representing our charter. Please review the proposed By-Law changes at this link  and share your thoughts with one or both of the delegates. The NHPA Secretary/treasurer Dick Hansen is stepping down […]

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KHPA Charter Communication — June 9, 2014

June 9, 2014

July 4 Tournament The Ottawa tournament on July 4th has been renamed. After a club meeting the members of the Ottawa club contacted Melvin Jeardoe and asked him to change the Chatouqua Open tournament to the Barney Bell Open. They all felt that after all he has done in the way of recruiting and improvements to the court complex in […]

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KHPA Charter Communication — June 2nd, 2014

June 2, 2014

Press Release Visit Topeka issued a press release prior to the first 2015 WT qualifying event in Topeka on Saturday, May 31st. The Topeka Capital Journal staff writer Phil Anderson came to the courts at about the end of the morning session and put together this article which was published in the Sunday edition of the Capital Journal. Results The results of […]

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KHPA Charter Communicat​ion —May 26, 2014

May 26, 2014

BREAK IN WEATHER REWARDS BONNER ENTRIES Never give up on a scheduled tournament in Kansas until the Tournament Director has called you and cancelled it. We all looked at rain falling in our communities and on radar in the Bonner Springs area where the forecast for the day was RAIN. Entries who showed up at […]

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KHPA Charter Communicat​ion — May 19, 2014

May 19, 2014

First 2015 WT Qualifier is in the books The results of the Wynne Mihura Open in Lawrence are now posted and also marks the beginning of the 2015 World Tournament Qualifying period. This event had 21 entries with the high over average going to Susan Fulton who had a huge tournament pitching what I believe […]

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