Kansas Horseshoe Pitchers Charter Communication 1-17-2015

Hi All

The tournament results of the first two Kansas tournaments of 2015 are attached. Barney Bell has provided all of us with some great opportunities to stay tuned up through the winter months as well as get qualified for the 2015 World Horseshoe Tournament at a property he owns in Richmond Ks. In the event you have not pitched there yet or missed the photos I posted on the KHPA Facebook group after attending a tournament there on Dec 28. Click this link the recent tournament results The Richmond Horseshoe courts.

Media day at the Fairlawn courts in Topeka was a huge success. Here are a couple of links from WIBW and KSNT in the event you missed them live. Needless to say this type of publicity has stirred a constant flow of interested individuals who are looking for pitching instructions, practice time and tournament play. As you can see from the tournament results of the first tournament Terry Cuthbertson directed Jan 1-15 there were 53 entries while 14 of those entries pitched in their first sanctioned horseshoe tournament. We are going through some growing pains but feel as though we are starting to get control of the situation. Thanks to everyone who has been patient with us off the start. It is tough to set up a tournament such as this that runs over a two week period when folks don’t sign up in advance.

I am directing the second sanctioned tournament which will run from Jan 16-31 and thanks to Terry for getting back entries from the first event, I am starting off with 63 entries for my event. If you want in we still have some room for more but please contact me at larryc@wamego.net so I can get you added to the list.

Earl Romine earl.romine@yahoo.com will be directing the third sanctioned tournament Feb 1-15. The championship class for Earl’s tournament will be Saturday Feb 14 @ 1PM. Ivan Barnett ivandbarn@yahoo.com will be directing the 4th Sanctioned event from Feb 16-28. The championship class date for this event has not been set yet. If you intend to enter these events please start contacting them now so they can be working up a pitching schedule and hit the ground running when tournament time rolls around. Our first priority is to get folks qualified to enter the WT.

Barney Bell is now taking entries for his next event at Richmond scheduled on Jan 31. 785-418-8240.

See You On the Courts

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